With the currency in the game, Frovolts, you can buy Pokeballs which will give you Pokemon.You can not choose the Pokemon, because that would be super over powered. there are a few different types. The first, Pokeball is 250 Frovolts. The description says "this will most likely produce something lame." Each Pokeball you buy will spin a wheel to choose a random Pokemon. The next Pokeball is a great ball. This ball will produce something better then Pokeball will. After that is the Ultra ball. This ball will defineatly give you something to be remembered, at 1000 Frovolts in price.. Alongside that is the best ball of all. If you don't get something good from the Master ball it' a glitch and you should tell Fresh_Effect, the creator. Master balls cost a whopping 2500 Frovolts! The Egg ball will produce an egg, which, after a number, usually a small number of kills with it, it will "evolve" or hatch into a Pokemon. Egg balls cost 450 Frovolts.