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Pokeslayer is an interesting game on ROBLOX. Despite the name you do not slay Pokemon. You slay people with Pokemon which are knives that one hit kill. There are many different modes, each with it's own fun game play. Be sure to join the group which there is a link to here: Go enjoy the wiki!

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  • discussion page Talk:Squirtle
    new comment by Kayla5521
    Comment: I'm pretty sure you don't get to select a starter pokemon in this game.. I may be wrong but I never got one and found squirtle by luck.
  • discussion page Talk:This page is useless.
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    Comment: lit
  • new page This page is useless.
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    New page: This page is very useless. Its only purpose is to create the tenth page.
  • new page Charmander
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    New page: Charmangder is a fire starter. It's final evolved form looks like a dragon. Charmander dies, not gets knocked out, but dies if the flame on its tail...
  • new page Bulbasaur
    created by Bantha500
    New page: Bulbasaur is the grass starter. choose it if you like grass types.
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  • new page Squirtle
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    New page: Squirtle is one of the three starters you can choose. You need to kill 40 people with it in order to evolve it into Wartortle. Squirtle is a water...
  • discussion page Welcome!
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    Brandon Rhea

    Brandon Rhea

    Hello, I'm a member of Fandom's Community Support team. We're excited to have ROBLOX pokeslayer Wiki as part of the Fan... 



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  • new page Starters
    created by Bantha500
    New page: The three starter poker you choose are the ones from the first region bulbasaur, a grass type, charmander, a fire type, and Squirtle, a water type....

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